• Phone877-326-3262
  • Address59255 Ten Mile Rd, South Lyon, MI 48178
  • Open HoursSunday Worship at 11am
  • Phone877-326-3262
  • Address59255 Ten Mile Rd, South Lyon, MI 48178
  • Open HoursSunday Worship at 11am

Sunday Services

If you made it this far, you probably know we’ve started a new church in this area. We began Bible Studies and Home Fellowship Groups in 2017 and have been making wonderful new contacts and building our launch team ever since. We began 11am weekly services in January 2019!

59255 Ten Mile Rd, South Lyon, MI 48178


What can you expect in our Sunday Services?

  • A friendly and casual service where anyone can come and worship and encounter God through great music, Spirit-filled worship, and Bible-based preaching and teaching.
  • You will be welcomed by a friendly and loving church that wants you to know you are important and there is a place for you in God’s church.
  • Our weekly worship services begin at 11am. We also have Sunday School for all ages at 11:30am. Service will be finished around 12:20pm most weeks.
  • Our commitment to God is formal, but our dress is casual. You will not see many suits at Family Apostolic Church. You are welcome to dress up or come as you are. If it helps, Pastor Scott has (so far) only worn a tie once on Sunday at FAC.
  • This is a church for ordinary people who want to live an overcoming life. This is a church where you can fit in and belong and experience the life-changing power of God’s Spirit moving in you.

Just for fun…

We have great, upbeat music and an environment where you can freely worship and encounter God and His Word. That being said, Family Apostolic Church WILL NOT feel like this:

We are not interested in building another verb church. If you haven’t seen them, they are the churches with a single word in the name like ignite or breath, or sometimes a noun slips in like compass or something trendy like the harbor or the painted door. These names make for great marketing but you have no idea what these churches teach or preach, and yet they all tend to feel the same.

The examples listed above were randomly picked and I do not believe we have any nearby churches using them (yet). That being said, if you are from a verb church and I accidentally mentioned your church by name, please drop me a line and I will switch to another verb. God bless you for igniting.

We are aiming at building a great church where you can grow in God in your worship, Bible knowledge and in plugging into ministry efforts. A church that can be your church family, where you are known and loved. We will let the neighboring churches around us ignite, etc…